Time Recording


Why do I need a time recording:

In many companies, the principle of confidential working hours was practiced for a long time for some employees. This is an organizational model in which the completion of tasks is in the foreground. Not the working time, but the work result is decisive. This model was mainly practiced by creative working employees, since a rigid working time schedule, also from a scientific point of view, hinders creativity and thus above all possible innovations.

However, the European Court of Justice decided in 2019 that in future, the recording of working hours in all companies must be carried out by all employees. The ruling will oblige employers to offer a time recording concept that allows the entire working time as well as breaks and days off due to vacation or sick leave of the employees to be documented. This is to ensure that the laws regarding working hours, breaks and days off as well as the legally required vacations are adhered to for the protection of the employee.

When recording and documenting the working hours of all employees, a lot of information is quickly generated which must be bundled, categorized and evaluated to ensure compliance with the prescribed laws. Without supporting technology, it does not take long before time recording can no longer be handled by hand.

What is a time recording system:

A time recording system is a software with functions for the documentation and evaluation of all time-oriented parameters of the respective employees as required by law. In the time recording software, all relevant employee data is stored in databases. This includes the following areas in particular:

  • Working hours

  • Break times

  • Vacation days

  • days off due to illness

Time recording systems are mainly based on standard software products. Depending on the size of the company and the different working time models, such as shift work or piecework, different solutions with different functionalities come into question. If a company grows with the time, the requirements and thus the necessary functions of the time recording system also grow. It can therefore happen that the previous functions of the time recording software are no longer sufficient over time and a change must be considered in order to take into account the increasing level of information for the company.

Advantages and benefits of a time recording system

Good time recording systems offer enormous flexibility in terms of documenting the working hours of the workforce. There is a wide range of recording options, depending on the software used. For example, there are systems that allow input via cell phone. This is especially interesting for field service. In this way, data can be entered into the system quickly and without much effort. Of course there are also other end devices that are compatible depending on the system. These include, for example, terminals with chip cards or comparable systems that enable the employer to book the respective time types by simply hanging up the phone.

Furthermore, a good time recording system can also be an aid for certain decisions of the management or the personnel department and last but not least, a time recording system regularly provides the basis for payroll accounting.

brixxbox Low-Code-Plattform: Time Recording-Template

With the "brixxbox" cloud software, companies can digitize processes quickly and easily. Thanks to the underlying modular principle, necessary adjustments and extensions can be made in the software at any time at the request of management or other employees in order to process additional data in the system. Adjustments in the system do not affect the productive operation of the software in the respective company in any way.

The provided templates serve as configuration examples. Different approaches shall be illustrated. The templates can be supplemented after the import as desired, or used as templates for own applications or entire systems.

In practice this time recording application could be used for example by:

  • freelancers

  • and small enterprises

to document their own working hours and plan your annual vacation.

Extract of the functions

  • Employees: Employee administration with the corresponding contact data

  • Recording: recording of the daily working hours and breaks of the respective employees

  • Planning: documentation of vacation requests and status management of the respective employees

  • Status: documentation of approvals

You can find further information at https://brixxbox.net

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