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brixxApi function to set a value to a field


  1. 1.
    controlId => Id of the control
  2. 2.
    value => The value, you want to set. This could be a number, a date, a string (depending on the control type of course). setFieldValue will do all the conversions for you.

Example Usages

1. Simple textbox
brixxApi.setFieldValue("myControlId", "Hello World!");
2. With a variable
let myText = "Hello World!";
brixxApi.setFieldValue("myControlId", myText);
3. Setting a date
brixxApi.setFieldValue("myDateControl", "2019-01-31"); //This is the format, you would get by getFieldValue
brixxApi.setFieldValue("myDateControl", new Date()); //This will set todays date.
brixxApi.setFieldValue("myDateControl", new moment().add(1, "month")); // you can use moment to set calculated dates. See for more details and examples
4. Setting a date to a calendar control scrolls to that date.
brixxApi.setFieldValue("myCalendarControl", "2019-01-31");
5. The Calendar supports subcontrols to set. You can add resource(s) to the calendar for example:
//resources will delete all and set a new array of resources
brixxApi.setFieldValue("myCalendarControl.resources", [
id: 1,
title: "Room A",
id: 1,
title: "Room B",
//resource will add a single resource
brixxApi.setFieldValue("myCalendarControl.resource", {
id: 1,
title: "Room A",