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Business Brixxes provides special features for business usecases. Each Brixx has an individual set of parameters plus some parameters that are valid for all businessfunctions.


functionName - the name of the businessBrixx module
methodName - some businessBrixx functions provide several operations
silentMode - if you set this to true, the brixxbox will not show a message if something goes wrong. You will still get the errorMessage, to handle the error case in your event code.

Example Usages

let result = await brixxApi.businessBrixx({
//Common Parameters for all functions
methodName: "GetLabel",
silentMode: true, //false is default. If set to true, the brixxbox will not show an error message box. it is up to you to inform the user.
//Individual paremeters for each business case. DHL Label as an example here.
shipmentNumber: app.getFieldValue("cordShipmentNumber") //We saved this number before and stored it to our Order
});, "_blank");

Business Brixx

  • DhlShiping
    • CreateShipment → Creates a DHL Shipping Label.
    • GetLabel → Shows the shipment Label again.
  • DPD Shipping
    • CreateShipment → Create a DPD Shipping Label.
  • UPS Shipping
    • CreateShipment → Create a UPS Shipping Label.
    • CancelShipment → Removes existing Shipment
    • GetLabel → Shows the shipment Label again.
  • InventoryManagement → Does Inventory Movements within an ERP Setup
    • Move
  • CurrencyConverter
    • Convert → Converts a currency to annother currency.
  • Datev Export
    • DatevExport → This function exports a Datev CSV file for a given timeframe.
      • sqlDataRead Example
      • sqlMainData Example
      • sqlGetCounter Example
  • GS1 Code Splitter
    • Split → Splits a barcode (or 2d code) into its GS1 AIs an Values.
  • Diamant
    • DiamantBusinessBrixx
  • SEPA Export
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