In this app Brixxbox allow users to add any number of different file types to Brixxbox workspace from outside. It also allows all the documents generated within the workspace to be stored in this app. These documents can be used to facilitate the proper functioning of the user systems like generating reports for system user for example: report on total number of order placed and also for end user for example: it can be an invoice gernerated for a customer.All of these documents can be stored under this app. User must assign document type to each document.


We want to add an example image from our pc to brixxbox. Brixxbox allow users two ways to add a file: via drag and drop files from pc to attachments page, and via opening a file explorer then selecting a specific file. Lets now add our image.

As we can see from above snapshot that added image is visible in the drag and drop area(highlighted in black). Also if you search in the list of attachments, you can find the same image. The interesting fact to consider here is that when we upload the file only file name, upload time, and user is being set. The properties document type and id are left as it is. It gives user an option to select the document type by himself. Lets do this by selecting the file and then clicking edit button. An edit panel will open, now select the "bild" type as we have selected file of type image and click on update. In this easy tutorial we learned how to add a file in Brixxbox and assign a document type to it.

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