This app lets you create or delete api access keys.

Installation of cloud Connector for Printing

This is not the cloudGateway!

See how to use the Cloud Connector for printing.

Upcoming Features

  • Run As a Service

  • See Connector Online Status in Api Keys Panel

  • Edit Config in Api Keys Panel

Docker Installation and Configuration

Beside the Print Gateway (as ssen in the video), there is a new docker gateway. Use the Docker command column to pull and start a Docker container in your local network. Use the settings in the ApiKey list to configure the service endpoints for each docker installation like in the sample below.

  "Connections": [
      "Endpoint": "LocalFirebird",
      "Plugin": "Firebird",
      "ConnectionString": "Server=;User=SYSDBA;Password=abcde"
      "Endpoint": "LocalSql",
      "Plugin": "MsSql",
      "ConnectionString": "Server=acme.com"

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