Digital Visitor-Management


Who needs digital visitor management:

Companies are regularly visited by external visitors and partners. These may simply be applicants in the context of a job placement. In addition, there are of course other reasons why external visitors and partners visit a company, as the following extract makes clear:

  • Machines must be maintained or repaired by technology partners

  • Customers or suppliers are invited to meetings

  • Audits take place

Different departments and employees are visited depending on the visitor and reason for the visit. If, for example, a machine is repaired within production, the technician inevitably gains an insight into the production processes and talks to the employees working there. It is obvious that visitors come into contact with sensitive information, some of which is important for the competitive advantages of the companies visited. Furthermore, in some industries there is even a strict documentation obligation to avoid that internal and sensitive processes are endangered by external interventions. The production of medical products is an example of this.

When recording and documenting the visits of all external persons and partners, a lot of information quickly arises, which has to be bundled, categorized and evaluated. Without a supporting technology, it does not take long until visitor management can no longer be handled by hand.

Advantages and benefits of digital visitor registration

Good solutions for digital visitor management offer a variety of possibilities. Whether short or long visits, the right solution can support the entire visit process. If employees expect a visitor, relevant information can be documented in advance. With the right solution, arriving visitors have the opportunity to add relevant data directly via a touch screen. This not only makes a modern impression, but also saves a lot of time compared to documents that have to be filled in manually and then laboriously analyzed.

Applications for digital visitor management are mainly based on standard software products. Depending on the size of the company, its orientation and the number of visitors, different solutions with different functionalities can be considered. If a company grows over time, the requirements and thus the necessary functions of digital visitor management also grow. It can therefore happen that the previous functions are no longer sufficient over time and a change must be considered in order to take into account the increasing level of information for the company.

brixxbox Low-Code-Plattform: Digital Visitor-Management-Template

With the "brixxbox" cloud software, companies can digitize processes quickly and easily. Thanks to the underlying modular principle, necessary adjustments and extensions can be made in the software at any time at the request of management or other employees in order to process additional data in the system. Adjustments in the system do not affect the productive operation of the software in the respective company in any way.

The provided templates serve as configuration examples. Different approaches shall be illustrated. The templates can be supplemented after the import as desired, or used as templates for own applications or entire systems.

In practice, the digital visitor management could be implemented by:

  • consulting companies

  • Freelancers

  • and small enterprises

to digitally manage visits and evaluate them as required.

Extract of the functions

  • Create visitors (partners, customers or other guests)

  • Create accompanying persons

  • Define reason for visit (e.g. customer visit)

  • Create visiting hours

  • Evaluate visits

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