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This functions is used to trigger global search of the whole workspace. It only takes one parameter which is a search keyword. This function is directly used in the each Brixxbox workspace. User can find it in top right corner of each workspace page. It is a textbox accompanied by search button. User needs to enter a string in the global search field at the top of the screen and it will trigger the search function. It can be useful if you want to search for a scan result or anything within your workspace in seconds.


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    searchTerm - It is of type string.

Example Usages

User can find this button on top right corner. It looks like this.
User can enter any keyword and it with return thespecific results. User can also use this function in their apps. For this user need to provide a search keyword and can use it to retreive data from the global workspace. If user want to search "address" the code will look like this
brixxApi.globalSearch("address"); //triggers a search for "address" in global address space.