App Translation

Brixxbox allows more than 16 languages to be used in the workspace. App translation helps user to handle language conversion. This app allows user to add different phrases, messages and their translations. These messages get stored in a list format and can be used later anywhere in your workspace. Each translation app enrty consists of four properties: Translation key which is the actual message or phrase that needs to be translated, culture it is the language in which we want to translate our message, translation it is the actual translation, and last one is comment about this translation.


Lets now look at one simple example a "Thank you" message after placing an order. We want this English message as well as its translation in German. For this purpose, we will a new entry in app translation. Go to main panel of your workspace then configurations then click on translations. Now in this app you will see a list of already present translations. Click on new button to add a new entry. Fill all necessary information and after this our entry should look like this.

Now create this translation entry by clicking on create button.

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