User Dashboards

User dashboard is a whole panel or a page dedicated to creating shortcuts for users workspace. Here Brixxbox allows users to add apps which are the most important ones. Each of the app will be shown on the dashboard page. User can access this page by clicking on the logo of their workspace. Here is an example workspace.

To add different apps to this dashboard section, user should follow these steps. From left navigation panel of Brixxbox goto configuration then scroll down and select "user dashboards". Here you will find a list of all the apps that are available on dashboard panel and Brixxbox also allows system users to manage access of different dashboards for different users. An example list of dashboards for different users is given below.

In this snapshot we can see that for multiple user, we are selecting same app "dashboardDemo". We can also choose different apps here.

To add a new app in a dashboard for specific user group, select new on the users dashboard page. A new panel will be opened. It will look like this.

Select the respective properties and click create button to add a new app to specific users dashboards in Brixxbox. In the tutorial below, user can find how to add a new app to dashboard.


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