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Who needs a digital address management:

Addresses, e.g. in the form of customers and suppliers, form the basis of economic activity for companies. A careful and detailed creation and administration of the respective addresses and the associated contact persons are very important. Particularly with regard to the generation and binding of new customers by suitable sales activities, many addresses accumulate fast. Without a supporting technology it does not take long until address management can no longer be handled manually.

A digital address management should at least consider the following points:

  • Storage of all address relevant information

  • Storage of the associated contact persons

  • Storage of the respective contact information

Meanwhile, the collection of additional address information, such as interests, wishes or preferences, is also part of this. In the ideal case, a 360-degree view is achieved over time.

Advantages and benefits of digital address management

All data is in one central location. This reduces the maintenance and update effort. In practice, digital address management is in most cases linked to other systems and processes within a software from the field of "enterprise resource planning or ERP". They form the master data for relevant subsequent processes such as:

  • Writing delivery bills and invoices

  • or link to CRM relevant functions

Applications for digital address management in connection with relevant follow-up processes are mainly based on standard software products. Depending on the size of the company, its orientation and the desired degree of digitization, various solutions with different functionalities can be considered. If a company grows over time, the requirements and thus the necessary functions of the required solution also grow. It can therefore happen that the previous functions are no longer sufficient over time and a change must be considered in order to take into account the increasing level of information for the company.

brixxbox Low-Code-Plattform: Digital Adressbook-Template

With the "brixxbox" cloud software, companies can digitize processes quickly and easily. Thanks to the underlying modular principle, necessary adjustments and extensions can be made in the software at any time at the request of management or other employees in order to process additional data in the system. Adjustments in the system do not affect the productive operation of the software in the respective company in any way.

The provided templates serve as configuration examples. Different approaches shall be illustrated. The templates can be supplemented after the import as desired, or used as templates for own applications or entire systems.

In practice, the digital address management could for example be implemented by:

  • consulting company

  • Freelancers

  • and small enterprises

to manage initial contacts and the respective contact persons after the company is founded.

Extract of the functions

  • Company name and address of customers, suppliers, interested parties and other addresses

  • Contact person management with the corresponding contact data

  • Integrated telephone book with search function

  • Archiving and digitalization of documents and files (DMS)

  • Documentation of address-relevant features (e.g. specific delivery periods, acceptance deadlines, deviating conditions)

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