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Uses a standard update or insert statement. See SQL Statements for how to create statements.



  1. 1.
    statementName - The name of the statement
  2. 2.
    additionalParameters - all controls in the current config are set as paramters automatically. If you need to add additional parameters, you can use this json object to set them
  3. 3.
    queryOptions - (optional) a json object with options for the request
    • timeout - (optional) timeout for the SQL Request. Default is 30 seconds
    • connectionKey - (optional) a key to a custom settings entry with the connection string to an external MSSQL database

Example Usages

Lets assume, we have a standard statement "update address set adrName = @newName"
let result = await brixxApi.sqlWrite("updateAddress"); //this will use the statement "updateAddress". The @newName parameter is set to the field Value of "newName" of the app where we use this function
console.log("Rows changed: " + result);
<syntaxhighlight lang="js">
let result = await brixxApi.sqlWrite("readAddress", {newName: "Hello World"}); //this will use the statement "updateAddress". The @newName parameter is set to "Hello World"
console.log("Rows changed: " + result);
let result = await brixxApi.sqlWrite("readAddress", {newName: "Hello World"}, {timeout: 45}); //this will wait for 45 seconds until you get a timeout
console.log("Rows changed: " + result);
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