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A label control is designed to be a standalone text
It can be used as headings or giving specific instructions about usage of different app controls or display value for other controls. This control has text but without any interaction. It means that label text is not clickable.


In Brixxbox, app configuration allows you to add different controls in your app. It also provides four types of properties which manages how control should behave or look in app. Those four property types are:
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    General Properties
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General Properties

These are the main properties of any control. These properties define how control behaves in Brixxbox App.
  • Control Type
- For using grid control, click on "Add Control" and select "Label" control type from drop down list.
  • Control Id
- For each Brixxbox app, this id should be unique. For Example: "_abcdef". Brixxbox allows you to change its value only once. You can change this id to any value but it should be meaningful. Recommended way is to start with mandatory prefix(set in app). It can contain numbers, underscores, uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Label
- It is the display value for control.
  • Data
- This property specifies from where this control gets data. To set it, specify the controlId of data source. By default "Not in Database" option is selected.
  • Refers to Config
- You need to set this option if this is a field, that other fields refer to, to get data from another config.


In this tutorial, we will be using "customerOrderList" app. It is a simple app which consists of a grid and a button. The grid lists all available customer orders. The button "Number of Orders" does not have any "onClick" event because we need it only for displaying badge over it.
Here we can see the list of customer orders but there is no label specifying to whom this list represents. A new user will have to put some effort and explore about the grid entries. Our job is to make user's life easier. For this purpose we can add a label, which will label the list grid as "Customer Order List". We can also apply different color settings also to this label. Lets now add a label, select a "label" control from the control's list. Assign control id and label. We can also set default value for this label control. In this case default value property takes precedence over label property of this "label" control.
Now we have a nice label text showing what does this grid is displaying. Let just assume our user is new and he don't know how to edit a specific customer order then we can a label explaining to click edit button on specific customer order to open that order and edit it. Lets add a label for this and put as a child to our customer order list grid.
Now it is showing the user that in order to open a specific click on edit button.