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A Widget container is container that can host multiple widgets just like tabcontrol hosts multiple tabs in Brixxbox controls. It is used as a parent to widgets. It is a structural control. User can use it to place and group widgets inside it also.


In Brixxbox, app configuration allows you to add different controls in your app. It also provides four types of properties which manages how control should behave or look in app. Those four property types are:
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    General Properties
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General Properties

These are the main properties of any control. These properties define how control behaves in Brixxbox App.
  • Control Type
- For using grid control, click on "Add Control" and select "Widget Container" control type from drop down list.
  • Control Id
- For each Brixxbox app, this id should be unique. For Example: "_abcdef". Brixxbox allows you to change its value only once. You can change this id to any value but it should be meaningful. Recommended way is to start with mandatory prefix(set in app). It can contain numbers, underscores, uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Label
- It is the display value for control. It should be meaningful.
  • Refers to Config
- You need to set this option if this is a field, that other fields refer to, to get data from another config.


In this tutorial, we will see how widget container can group different containers. This control is purely used for structuring controls. For this tutorial, we will be using item app. Our app has 4 controls: item id(numbox), | item name(text box), , sale price(numbox), and quantity(numbox). Our app looks like this:
Now we need to add to widgets. Add widget controls from controls list and add label "Item Ids", and "Item Details" to them. Our app looks like this now:
In above snapshot we can see that two widgets item ids and item details are placed side by side in a horizontal fashion and also the controls inside widgets themselves are in horizontally distributed. Widget container can help us organizing our controls in better way by adding extra hierarchy level to them.
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