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Gets a value to a specific field


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    controlId => String with the control id. Some controls (like Comboboxes) do have sub information. in that case the controlId is combined with a ".". e.g. comboBoxId.subcontrolId

Example Usages

let myText = "Hello World!";
brixxApi.setFieldValue("myControlId", myText);
value = brixxApi.getFieldValue('fieldId');
let myFieldId = 'fieldId';
let value = brixxApi.getFieldValue(myFieldId);
let itemId = brixxApi.getFieldValue('itemCombobox'); //like any other control
let taxKeyId = brixxApi.getFieldValue('itemCombobox.itmTaxKeyId'); //get the itmTaxKeyId value of the selected entry in acomboBox
let itemName = brixxApi.getFieldValue('itemCombobox.itmName');
let taxKeyId = brixxApi.getFieldValue('itemList').itmTaxKeyId; //get the itmTaxKeyId value of the selected entry in a grid
let allRowsFromMyGrid = brixxApi.getFieldValue('itemList.allRows'); //get an array of all rows in a grid
let selectedRowsFromMyGrid = brixxApi.getFieldValue('itemList.selectedRows'); //get an array of all selected rows in a grid
let unselectedRowsFromMyGrid = brixxApi.getFieldValue('itemList.unselectedRows'); //get an array of all unselected rows in a grid
let myRowJsonObject = brixxApi.getFieldValue('itemList.clickedRow'); //get the clicked row as a json object (only valid in onRowClick and onCellClick events)
let myCellValue = brixxApi.getFieldValue('itemList.clickedCell'); //get the clicked cells formatted value (only valid in onCellClick events)
let myCellId = brixxApi.getFieldValue('itemList.clickedCellId'); //get the clicked cells id (only valid in onCellClick events)
for(let i = 0; i < allRowsFromMyGrid.length; i++){