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Sets the visibility for a specific control.


  1. 1.
    controlId - id of the brixxbox control as a string
  2. 2.
    visible - (optional, default = true) bool value if the control should be visible or not
  3. 3.
    subControl (optional) Some controls have sub Controls, that can be set visible or hidden. Important: setVisibility for subcontrols cannot be used in onAppStart, because some controls are not fully created at that time, use onAppInitialized instead. Here is a list of possible subControls:
    • grids - The grid toolbar has to be active to see buttons at all!
      • buttons - shows or hides the buttons of a grid
      • buttonNew - shows or hides the new buttons of a grid
      • buttonDelete - shows or hides the delete buttons of a grid
      • buttonCopy - shows or hides the copy buttons of a grid

Example Usages

1. To show a control
brixxApi.setVisibility("myControlId", "visible");
brixxApi.setVisibility("myControlId", true);
2. To hide a control
brixxApi.setVisibility("myFieldId", false);
3. Hide the grid new button
brixxApi.setVisibility("myGrid", false, "buttonNew");