Create Report REST

Example of a HTTP Request to the brixxbox

Create Report REST

You can create a report from 3rd party systems by using a http POST call to the brixxbox.

We created a postman solution to demonstrate the call because you have to login first. Run in Postman

3 Environment Variables have to be set in Postman: "UserEmail" and "UserPassword" for the login call an "Workspace" for the url part of the CreatePdf call

You can specify if the report should be archived or not in the post parameters:

// POST call to{{Workspace}}/c/default/reporting/CreatePdf
   "reportName": "addresslist", 

   //optional parameters
   "archive": false, //optional, false is default
   "configName": "address", //optional, only if you want to archive
   "documentTypeId": 1, //optional, only valid if configName and parameter 'id' is set and archive is true
   "culture": "de-DE", //optional, report has its defaults
   "parameters": { //optional
       "id": 1

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