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Deletes a record from the database.


  1. 1.
    options - json object
    • id - the record id. Optional. By default, this is the current record id. (The current record id can be accessed here: brixxApi.actualRecordId)
    • noConfirmMessage - Optional. By default, this is false. If set to true, you will not get a confirm MessageBox. the record will be deleted.

Example Usages

1. Simple
brixxApi.deleteRecord(); //deletes the current displayed record
brixxApi.deleteRecord({id: brixxApi.actualRecordId}); //deletes the current displayed record
2. Simple - No Confirmation
brixxApi.deleteRecord({noConfirmMessage: true}); //deletes the current displayed record without confirmation
3. Without displaying the record
let myRecord = await brixxApi.laodRecord("myKeyControl"); loads a record into myRecord
brixxApi.deleteRecord({id:}); //deletes the loadedRecord