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Creates a deep copy from a config record. Typical example is to create a copy of an "order" record, with a copy of all the "orderLines" from that source "order". brixxbox will use the "Cascade Copy" flag of a grid control, to decide if which referenced records will be copied.


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    recordId - the id of the source record
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    additionalValues - json object of values in the target record that should be modified. e.g. an "orderDate" field. Can be null, in this case you get a 1:1 copy except the record id.

Example Usages

Exact copy:
let newOrder = brixxApi.copyConfigRecordById("customerOrder", 1376);
Copy with new date for header data and manipulating two columns of line item data:
let newOrder = brixxApi.copyConfigRecordById("customerOrder", 1376, {
cordOrderDate: new Date(),
cordlnOrderQuantity: "1",
cordlnDeliveredQuantity: null